Zinc Flake Coatings

Water Soluble Zinc Flake Coating Technology

We use water based coating for threaded hardware and metal parts in Automotive and engineering construction and it offers direct cost saving by not using solvents compare to other solvent based products. These water based coatings are environmental friendly, Low VOC, HAP free, Hazardous (declarable by ELV) substances free and best suitable for tough climatic/weather conditions.

Base Coats and Sealer top Coats

The base coats can be applied separately or with Sealer top coat combination according to various colour and friction requirements (PTFE additives are added to adjust the COF). The coating offers Chrome (VI) free surfaces with Zinc-Aluminum flake based silver grey appearance and meets WEE, RoHS & ELV legislation for not using six declarable substances in coating formulation.

The coating is single pack system which gives easy to use & suitable for various climates and reduces costs of rejection by not having risk of jellifying process. The water based coatings are normally non flammable, Easy water cleanup, Low Odour, Environmental friendly and low Curing temperature compares to other products around 200 deg c. This coating has a ability to recoat and better adhesion with sealer top coats. The sealer top coats are water based thermosetting corslinked system organic or inorganic type with variety of colours like Silver, Black, Blue, Red & White etc. which improves the SST life, UV resistance, resistance to automotive fluids and improves or stabilize the Co-efficient of friction values for threaded parts during assembly.

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Environment Protection Water Based Zinc Flake Coatings

There are no hazardous and declarable substances in zinc flake coating, thus it is friendlier with environment. The zinc flake coatings are water based therefor

e I is low HAP (hazardous Air Pollution), Low VOC (Volatile Organic Content). The coating meets ELV, WEE and ROHS norm guidelines for not using hazardous and declarable substances

Application for Water Based Zinc Flake Coating

Zinc Flake Coating products can be applied with non Electrolytically applied Dip Spin coating techniques for mass produced hardware parts and by spray application with or without electrostatic for larger metal parts.

Main Characteristics of Water Based Zinc Flake Coating

The Important Characteristic of Zinc Flake Coating is higher corrosion protection in comparison with electrolytically deposited zinc or zinc alloys. With uniform application of coating layer by advanced application techniques, 720 hours SST can be achieved with even lower thickness like 8-10 microns and the coating is very suitable for spring steel and high strength steel parts